Megan Sullivan Earns “Recommended” Rating for Superior Court from PA Bar’s Judicial Evaluation Commission

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Megan Sullivan is seeking to fill a vacancy to serve as Judge of the PA Superior Court

Megan Sullivan, a former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General and Supervisory District Attorney, has earned the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission’s rating of “Recommended” as a candidate for Judge of the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Sullivan, who has nearly 20 years of experience as an attorney — including twelve years as a prosecutor — is running as a Republican to fill a vacancy on the Superior Court.

In a press release announcing its rating of Sullivan as “Recommended,” the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission wrote the following:

“The candidate’s legal experience includes 19 years devoted to criminal and civil litigation practice. From 2002 through 2008, the candidate served as an assistant district attorney in Chester County and, thereafter, served for nearly four years as a supervisory district attorney in that office. Her responsibilities ranged from handling and overseeing all aspects of pre-trial criminal practice to trying cases as a line prosecutor.  

Before serving most recently as a Pennsylvania deputy attorney general with the Civil and Criminal Litigation Divisions of that office, the candidate served for three years as general legal counsel to West Chester University advising and representing the university on a variety of topics, including regulatory compliance, contract and arbitration matters.

The candidate serves her community by supporting organizations that serve women and persons experiencing food and shelter insecurities. The candidate provided well-written samples of her work, and she is very well regarded by her peers being described as well-prepared, open and honest, and collegial. For these reasons, the commission recommends her candidacy for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.”

After a judicial candidate completes a detailed questionnaire, the PA Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission undertakes a two-part evaluation process. First, an investigative panel conducts personal interviews with the candidate and with individuals who have had professional or personal dealings with them. After reviewing the investigative panel’s report, the Judicial Evaluation Commission then conducts interviews with each candidate, discusses their qualifications and reaches consensus on a candidate’s rating.

“I am honored to receive the Commission’s rating of ‘Recommended’ as a candidate for Superior Court based on my legal ability, experience, integrity and temperament,” said Sullivan. “As voters prepare to cast their votes in the upcoming primary and general elections, I hope that they will take the time to review my qualifications and experience to better understand why the Commission recommended my judicial candidacy.  If I am elected to the Superior Court, I pledge that my work as a judge will be rooted in a foundation of fairness, integrity, and impartiality while adhering to our constitution.”

The Superior Court is one of Pennsylvania’s two statewide intermediate appellate courts, the other being the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.  The Superior Court is often the final arbiter of legal disputes. The Supreme Court may grant a petition to review a decision of the Superior Court, but most petitions are denied and the ruling of the Superior Court stands. Cases are usually heard by panels of three judges sitting in Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, but may also be heard en banc by nine judges.

About Megan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan is a veteran litigator with twenty years of legal experience as both a criminal prosecutor and civil attorney.  She served as a Deputy Attorney General in the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General from 2017 until earlier this year when she stepped down to run for the Superior Court. Megan also worked for nearly a decade as an Assistant District Attorney and Supervisory District Attorney, prosecuting a variety of cases ranging from child abuse to white collar crime.  Sullivan has also served as an assistant general counsel to West Chester University, and spent several years in private practice representing businesses, municipalities, and educational institutions in a range of civil litigation.

Sullivan is a graduate of the Temple University Beasley School of Law, which she attended in the evenings while working full-time as a law clerk in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Through hard work and a focus on achieving her goals, Sullivan excelled at balancing these dual commitments and graduated cum laude. She also received significant recognition upon her commencement, including the Most Promising Litigator Award, the TASA Award for Outstanding Performance in the Field of Evidence, and the Myron T. Deutsch Memorial Award for Academics.

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